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Shadow IT - a Threat or a Benefit?

Shadow IT - a threat or a benefit?

Acceptable practice or unacceptable risk?

Shadow IT is the practice of using technology within a business without the knowledge or approval of the IT function.

This includes anything from a single employee using a low-cost app, to an entire department, such as Project Management, adopting a cloud software application to support its Line of Business (LoB).

For some, this is an acceptable practice and a necessity to achieve the business objectives at hand. For others, it is wholly unacceptable and poses a serious threat to the organisation.

There is a strong case to be made to support both views. However, is one more valid than the other?

The Trial of Shadow IT

Our new guide ‘The Trial of Shadow IT’, provides an examination of both sides to help businesses better understand the issues and take control, including:

  • The background to the case
  • The prosecution and defence cases
  • Summing up and the verdict

Understand the issues and take control of Shadow IT with HTL Support

The widespread use of Shadow IT leads to the uncontrolled leak of business data, making it an important issue for businesses of 10 -100 people. With the guide, owners, leaders, and managers gain a better insight into both sides of the argument and understand the need to take control.

Click here to download the guide ‘The Trial of Shadow IT’.

To find out more about how HTL Support is able to help you take control of Shadow IT, simply get in touch today.

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