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When Is the Right Time to Move to a Hosted Desktop Solution?

Move to Hosted Desktop solution

Big benefits from eliminating servers

Hosted desktop is one of the most interesting cloud-based services on offer to businesses that want to obtain better value. However, many are uncertain about what Hosted Desktop provides.

Essentially Hosted Desktop lets the business eliminate servers, their software and related hardware, and management requirements such as storage, backup and antivirus. You can read more about hosted desktop by following the links to other information on this website at the bottom of this post.

The value proposition of Hosted Desktop

A key part of the value proposition of Hosted Desktop (and why it’s really popular with FDs) is the fixed and predictable costs that this computing model offers. This can’t be easily achieved with conventional on-premise approaches to provisioning business technology. Moving server-side functions to the cloud with a service provider that offers the high standards expected by services sector businesses really opens the floodgates to increased organisational efficiency.

Organisational efficiency provides the other part of the value proposition and centres on a number of factors. Hosted Desktop enables:

  • Office floor space freed
    • Office space is released for revenue generating activities or for downsizing to smaller premises
  • Reduces IT overhead in many areas, including
    • IT management and administration of servers, data and email communications software
    • Security/anti-virus management
    • Software patching and upgrades
    • Eliminates the need for IT staff to manage backup, file restore and Disaster Recovery
  • Saves energy
    • Eliminates energy required for power and cooling

Now is not soon enough for Hosted Desktop from HTL Support

Consequently, the answer for many to the question of when is the right time to move to Hosted Desktop is that now is not soon enough!

Speak to us today to find out how Hosted Desktop is helping our services sector clients to extract more value from technology for their businesses.

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