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Free Guide to Personalised B2B IT Services for Your Business

Personalised B2B IT Services for your Business

Commoditised services and low value

In these days of highly competitive marketplaces, customer satisfaction is often the key to business success. Generally we can say a customer is satisfied when the service received exceeds or at the very least matches expectations. But what shapes our expectations?

Quite often it is determined by the concept of ‘value’.In today’s competitive market places commoditisation leads to lower quality services. If the price is appropriate to the service level then the value perception may be seen as reasonable or adequate. However, when the cost outstrips the level of service, then the value perception is likely to be poor. Ultimately, we expect to get what we pay for.

The benefits of a personalised approach

When it comes to business critical areas such as IT, many need access to services of the highest level.

Our free guide ‘The CSat KPI: A buyer’s guide to identifying the best value IT support services’ helps explain how today’s technology-enabled and dependent businesses benefit from a personalised approach to IT support services. Some points covered in the guide include:

  • The importance of a project management-led methodology
  • The benefit of a pro-active rather than a reactive operational model
  • The assignment of nominated systems engineers and CSat surveys

Understand the factors that influence the quality of IT support with HTL

'The CSat KPI: A buyer's guide to identifying the best value IT support services' helps those looking for the right level of IT support services for their business to understand some of the key differentiators in the marketplace.

Downloading the guide enables businesses considering changing to a service provider that offers services in line with their expectations for high quality support get the information they need to make a better decision.

Click here to download the free guide.


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