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4 Reasons Why HTL Is Better than Large Enterprise Service Providers

4 reasons why Serviced Cloud is better than large enterprise service providers

Leverage through smart tools and automation

In any marketplace there are players of different sizes and capability. One of the traditional theories is that the larger the organisation, the greater the capability. However, this isn’t as true as it perhaps once was.

Smaller businesses, especially in an area like technology are able to punch way above their weight in terms of capability. This is because technology provides leverage, enabling a smaller technology services provider to use smart tools and automation to effectively service organisations many times larger than was previously possible.

When it comes to providing technology services in a specialist market like investment businesses, the most important factor in determining the choice of service provider needs to be experience and expertise in servicing the specialised needs of customers.

There are four key reasons why HTL is better at providing cloud technology services to SME financial investment businesses.

1. Better help desk and support

Many large businesses have a reputation for poor service. It’s not through intent; it’s just what happens when big companies rationalise to unlock economy of scale. Helpdesk and support becomes a never ending queue in which you tend to take a number and stand in line.

Whether its onsite, telephone or remote IT support, HTL offers a ‘best effort first’ approach which means we treat every support ticket with the attitude of providing a first time fix that exceeds the expectation set out by the SLA which governs your service response time.

2. No lock in

Larger cloud service providers tend to develop proprietary solutions which are restricted to their organisation and customers. If you want to change service providers you may find that you are chained up with proprietary technology.

HTL's cloud solutions are built from best-in-class elements from leading vendors in the market. These technologies are widely deployed by thousands of service providers to deliver customer solutions. In the unlikely event that a customer was unhappy with us, it’s relatively straight forward to disentangle from us because there is no lock in through proprietary technology and alternative suppliers would be easy to locate. (But it won’t come to that. Trust us - it hasn’t ever come about yet due to a service failure on our part…)

3. Total outsourced implementation

Larger service providers tend to have more complex deployment processes and long-winded implementation programmes. This may slow the speed at which customers receive benefits and start to see ROI. Sometimes complex processes might require you to have technology expertise on staff, the very thing that many SME businesses wish to avoid.

HTL provides end-to-end management of all aspects of deployment of cloud solutions for customers. We handle all the technical side quickly so that our customers can get on and quickly start enjoying the benefits of the cloud without delay or the expense of recruiting technology personnel.

4. ‘Pure-play’, private or hybrid cloud

Larger service providers have a tendency to lack flexibility and agility. They have designed their solutions to meet the needs of the market as they see it and to realise economy of scale vanilla is often the only flavour it comes in, so you take it or leave it.

HTL provides ‘pure-play’ cloud solutions, that is, those hosted entirely from our enterprise-class data centres. We also provide private cloud solutions, that is, on-premise cloud systems which may be required in certain regulatory situations. We are also able to provide hybrid cloud solutions composed of data centre-hosted and on-premise elements. In all cases, our choice is governed by what solution is right for the customer.

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