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Google Project Loon: Hands up if you thought ‘cloud’ was only a metaphor for data that is just ‘out there’ somewhere…

Google Project Loon data in the cloud

Project Loon is all about balloons

It sounds like a sci-fi send up cooked up by Spike Milligan or some equally whacky member of the lunatic fringe; however, it’s a fact Google Project Loon is likely to start testing next year.  “And what precisely is Project Loon when it’s at home,” some may ask…

Well it’s like this… A network of high altitude helium filled balloons is going to be positioned up in the clouds at 60,000 feet (the stratosphere, no less) where it is to relay mobile data streams at speeds of between 3G and 4G to connected devices.

Quite literally ‘data in the cloud’

Many struggle with the concept of cloud computing. Even now, people still find it difficult to accept the idea that data or computing resource can be just ‘out there’ somewhere, unbounded by geography, and that ‘cloud’ is just a metaphor for a computing model. This project is set to make the whole concept of ‘data in the cloud’ quite literal.

Next year’s proposed trial of a small ring of superpressure balloons over Indonesia is to prove the viability of the system by connecting some of the country’s 100million unconnected inhabitants. Spread across islands covered in jungle and mountainous terrain, Google believes Project Loon is a much cheaper connectivity method for mobile subscribers than fibre linked mobile masts.

Amazing up-to-date tech

The superpressure balloons are based on the weather balloon technology developed by the US Air Force in the 1950s. But slung beneath this is some amazing up-to-date tech.

  • Two radio transceivers to receive and send data streams, plus a third back-up radio
  • A flight computer and GPS location tracker
  • An altitude control system, which is used to move the balloon up and down to find winds that will take it in the desired direction
  • Solar panels to power all the gear

Down to Earth, trusted cloud solutions from Serviced Cloud

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