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Top 7 Reasons Why IT Support is Critical for Business

IT Support is critical

No organisation today can function without technology. Gone is the traditional office environment and with it, the tons of paperwork, adding machines, airmail envelopes, and the trusty old landline. Even in-person meetings and physical reporting for work have become optional. What has become indispensable in the modern workplace instead, is the assortment of IT devices—servers, desktops, laptops, connectivity devices, smartphones, etc., as well as IT services and applications for every business process.

An enterprise’s IT hardware and software components however are only as good as their capacity to function effectively, and the users’ collective ability to utilise them. Consider the potential loss of opportunity for instance, if an ecommerce website experienced downtime for even a few hours. Or think about the employees’ wasted time if they are unable to use their PCs or access their work applications due to some technical issue. This is where the value of IT support is most apparent.

What is IT Support?

IT Support

IT support is a type of service that provides assistance to users of technology products and/or services. Also referred to as technical or tech support, the process may include help in the form of troubleshooting, problem solving, knowledge sharing, and all other tasks that fall under the maintenance of computer systems, software, and hardware.

Offered via phone, email, chat, or in-person assistance, the primary goal of IT support is to aid users in resolving technical concerns or queries, and optimising their use of technology so that it leads to improved efficiency and productivity. It may be provided by an inhouse team—the company’s own IT department, or can be outsourced to a third-party provider. Tech support may also be extended to individuals or organisations who have purchased an IT product or subscribed to a service.

Why IT Support is Essential — 7 Key Reasons

While dealing with technology may seem easy enough for many employees and software applications have become more intuitive over the years, there’s never really any substitute for having an IT help desk that users can turn to should the need arise. Here are 7 top reasons why IT support is important for any enterprise.

  1. Quick resolution of technical issues

    Quick solution

    Nothing brings a regular workday to a grinding halt than the emergence of a technical problem. Whether it’s a server that suddenly goes down, an app that refuses to load, or an employee locked out of his/her account, it’s an issue that requires quick action. The right IT personnel or team knows where to start looking for the problem, identify the cause, and immediately get to work to solve the issue.

  2. Enhanced customer support

    Customer Support

    The IT support helpdesk is the external customers’ go-to channel when they have questions or encounter issues with their product. The more ways available for them to get in touch with support—hotline, email, chat, etc., the more secure they feel with your company. Even if the product or service itself is not perfect, having reliable IT support can go a long way to boosting customer satisfaction. This isn’t to be taken lightly considering that according to a recent survey, 61% of customers may decide to switch brands after just one bad experience.

  3. Improved operational efficiency


    One of the best ways to boost workflow efficiency is to leverage technology and automation. IT support ensures that employees are able to maximise the use of that technology by providing an environment where IT systems and machines are functioning at full capacity, and software applications are properly deployed and accessible to all users and stakeholders. It is also the role of tech support to make recommendations (based on the issues they encounter) on hardware improvements such as higher memory storage or faster processors.

  4. Better data storage and management

    Data Storage

    Even small businesses today carry a lot of data. Customer information, employee data, transactional data and other sources are all critical data stores. Part of the services provided by IT support teams is to evaluate the company’s data landscape and assess its needs for proper data storage and management.

  5. Cost savings

    Cost savings

    Efficient IT services and systems translate to better use of resources and help your organisation cut on costs in the long run. When technical issues are resolved effectively and quickly for example, company employees are able to get on with their core tasks, allowing them to be as productive as they can be during work hours. A well-oiled IT infrastructure also helps guarantee that technology is used in more innovative and collaborative ways, thereby leading to savings in many operational areas. For instance, using email as primary means of communication to internal and external customers reduces printing and office supply costs.

  6. Increased security against cyber attacks

    Increased Security

    The importance of data security can never be stressed enough. All it takes is one successful cyber attack for a data breach to happen, and once it does, the consequences are dire: revenue loss, damage to brand reputation, huge regulatory penalties, loss of customer trust, and more. All told, the cost of a data breach can shut a business down. Effective IT support handles maintenance processes such as installing and updating firewalls and antivirus solutions and performing penetration testing to ensure security at all times.

  7. Reliable and scalable support service

    Reliable Support

    Having a dedicated IT support team, whether in-house or third-party, gives assurance that IT services are up and running even when the physical office or business is closed. Many IT teams, particularly outsourced ones, maintain several shifts so that the help desk is running 24/7. This can be necessary when you have an organisation that has employees in different time zones, or a website that customers can access at all hours.

Leverage Technology with Reliable IT Support

Reliable IT Support

Making the most of tech devices and IT services should be a top priority if you don’t want to get left behind by the competition. And where there is technology, there should also be IT support. If you want to know more about the type of IT support services you would need for your enterprise, consult with an IT managed services provider now.

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